Upgrade to nbn FTTP Connection from FTTN/FTTC for $200 at Eligible Locations @ Launtel

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Upgrade to nbn FTTP Connection from FTTN/FTTC for $200 at Eligible Locations @ Launtel

This deal requires some explanation.

NBN Co is rollout out FTTP upgrades across the nation for existing FTTN and FTTC customers – meaning if you're eligible, you may be able to have fibre connected to your home instead of your existing copper connection.

How it works is this; For eligible services, sign up for NBN Home Fast (100/20 minimum) or higher for FTTN to FTTP and NBN Home Superfast (250/25 minimum) or higher for FTTC to FTTP and commit to a contract with your ISP, and your fibre upgrade will be "free". Of course, this actually means the cost of the upgrade is just integrated into a contract. Fine for those who need/want high speed – but some of us want fibre without having to pay for a premium plan.

Enter Launtel.

Zero contract. Zero commitment. Pay a one-off $200 fibre upgrade fee and then you're not bound to a contract. For me, this was ideal, as I got FTTP installed for a $200 fee, then dropped my connection back to 25/5 which is all I need at present. Also, being Launtel – they allow you to change your speed tier intra-day, meaning I can ramp my line up to 1000/400 for a day if I want, and only pay pro-rata for that day.

So if you want a fibre upgrade without being locked into a 1 year contract – do the math, Launtel might be perfect for you. No contract, free 7 day trial, multiple speed tiers. Great for those who want to even just get fibre run into the building and then disconnect the service (holiday homes etc).

Also – use a referral code to get free credit on sign-up so you can test that 1000/400 speed without paying a cent.

Step 1: Check if you're eligible for FTTC/FTTN to FTTP upgrade (even call Launtel if you're unsure).
Step 2: Churn your existing connection to Launtel (takes 5 minutes)
Step 3: Purchase the $200 FTTP upgrade option
Step 4: Await NBN fibre installation booking
Step 5: Welcome to fibre! Stay with launtel or disconnect or drop to a lower plan – whatever you like.


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