Preorder: 250A JBD Smart BMS with Bluetooth Dongle and Screen $250 at Muller Energy

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Preorder: 250A JBD Smart BMS with Bluetooth Dongle and Screen $250 at Muller Energy

Okay, this will be a very niche product and honesty, if I was to get 10 upvotes, I'd be stoked!

The preorder price for the BMS, the bluetooth dongle and the screen is $250, but we're looking at raising that price to $299 once they're here. Which is still very good compared to other Australian stock.

This is a custom BMS (battery management system) that we're getting JBD or Jiabaida to develop specifically for us. The highest capacity smart BMS they currently make is 200A, however we've got quite a few customers that want to run a 3000VA inverter and the 200A is just a bit small for that. That's why we're getting this 250A BMS made.

But we're also adding an output for an active balancer. One limitation of most BMS is that the balancing current tends to be quite low. And one limitation of active balancers is that they sometimes balance at the wrong time.
What we'll do is take the signal that is normally used on the JBD BMS to control the passive balancer and also make it so we can connect the soft-switch of the active balancer to it.
So then the active balancer will balance only exactly when you want it to.

They're expected to be ready late next month and the price includes shipping, GST and 12 month warranty.

If you want to learn more about this or lithium batteries in general, please feel free to join our Facebook group:

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